In association with the São Paulo States Public Archives, digital copies of reports of the railway companies that are the focus of this project were made:

Companhia Paulista de Estradas de Ferro e Vias Fluviais (1869-1971)

Companhia Mogiana de Estrada de Ferro (1873-1930)

Companhia Ituana de Estradas de Ferro (1871-1890) 

Companhia Sorocabana (1873-1887) 

Companhia União Sorocabana e Ituana (1892-1903)

Sorocaba Railway Company (1908-1918)

Estrada de Ferro Sorocabana (1919-1930)

Because these documents belong to public utilities, their disclosure is ensured by the national file legislation (Law 8159, the 8th of January, 1991, section 7, 1st paragraph).