Create a platform for the dialogue of ideas, projects, and approaches and experiences the status of recent railroad investigations in Mexico, as well as contributing to the strengthening of collaboration between universities, academic institutions, research centers and documentation.


  • History and Railway, its objective is to know the sources and research historical facts about railways, with special emphasis on those related to the first half of the 20th century.
  • Railway and city, its purpose is to present the studies related to the impact of the railways on the shaping of the urban environments.
  • Railroad and territory, it is oriented to reflect on the impacts economic, social, cultural and environmental of the railway projects that are currently being develop in Mexico: Mayan train, trans-isthmian, train’s regular suburban and interurban passenger transport.
  • Railroad and memory, Seeks to recover experiences of democratization of the local cultural heritage and cultural identity of the community, through the oral narrative transmitted generationally.
  • Railway and heritage, Its objective is to know and reflect on the impact that the railroad has generated on Mexican society, from diverse approaches: technology, migration, sustainability, culture, architecture, among others.

Addressed to

  • National and international researchers and academics who dedicate themselves to the study of the railway, from the historical, economic, political, social, technological and cultural views.
  • Undergraduate and graduate students in areas related to the subjects that addresses the encounter.
  • Active and retired railroaders, as well as the interested public in the themes.

Participation guidelines

  • Propose a presentation aligned with one of the thematic axes before raised and send a summary of it to the email dialogos.investigacion@cultura.gob.mx, no later than September 4.
  • The abstract can be presented in Spanish or English, with an extension maximum of 250 words and must include: title, thematic axis in which it participates, keywords, full name and email address of the participant.
  • The acceptance of the papers, as well as the guidelines for their presentation, will be notified by email on September 11, as deadline.
  • Participants who have been accepted will have until the 30th of September to send your full papers.

The meeting will take place from October 5 to 23, 2020

More reports in:cedif@cultura.gob.mx

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