The documents produced by the group in charge of inventorying since 2007 (Bureaus of Finance, Planning, Transport and AGU) are available for consultation on the Ministry of Infrastructure site, in order to identify the assets, rights and obligations of RFFSA . Among others of interest, reports on the group’s activities (2007-2018) and the terms of transfer of real estate, movable and documentary documents to other public bodies are available: ANTT, DNIT, IPHAN, AGU, SPU and Valec.

“Rede Ferroviária Federal Sociedade Anônima (RFFSA) was a mixed-capital company that is part of the indirect administration of the Federal Government, functionally linked to the Ministry of Transport.

RFFSA was created with the authorization of Law No. 3,115, of March 16, 1957, by the consolidation of 18 regional railways with the main objective of promoting and managing the Union’s interests in the rail transport sector. For 40 years, it provided rail transportation services, directly serving 19 federation units, in four of the five major regions of the country operating a network that in 1996 comprised about 22 thousand kilometers of lines (73% of the national total).

In 1992, RFFSA was included in the National Privatization Program, giving rise to studies, promoted by the National Bank for Economic and Social Development (BNDES), which recommended the transfer of rail freight transportation services to the private sector. This transfer was made in the 1996/1998 period, according to the model that established the segmentation of the railway system into six regional networks, its concession by the Union for 30 years, through bidding, and the lease, for the same period, of the company’s operational assets. RFFSA to the new concessionaires, In 1998, Ferrovia Paulista SA (FEPASA) was incorporated into RFFSA, followed by the privatization of that network in December of that year. ”

Rede Ferroviária Federal SA – in liquidation was extinguished by Provisional Measure No. 353, of January 22, 2007, already converted into Law No. 11,483, of May 31, 2007, which provides for the revitalization of the railway sector, changes provisions of Law No. 10,233, of June 5, 2001, and makes other provisions.

With this, the Federal Government assumes all the assets and liabilities of the company, ending the liquidation process of the Network. Then, the process of Inventories of assets, rights and obligations of the extinct – RFFSA began.

According to Art. 4 of the aforementioned Law, the assets, rights and obligations of the extinct RFFSA are being inventoried in a process that takes place under the coordination and supervision of the Ministry of Transport, hence the issue of Decree No. 6.018 / 2007, regulating school subjects.

MP 353/2007, converted into Law 11.483 / 2007, which provides for the closure of RFFSA’s activities, is among the measures of the Growth Acceleration Plan (PAC), which seeks to improve public management and reduce tax impacts long term. […] With the extinction of the Network, considering that the assets of the extinguished company passed to the Union, the measures authorize the Union to sell part of these assets, non-operational real estate, as well as take advantage of them in land regularization programs and housing for social interest to serve the low-income population, to give each property in the Union a socio-environmental function. […] As a result of the new constitutional text, an inventory was created, linked to the Ministry of Transport, which should ensure the surveys and identification of the assets, rights and obligations of the extinct Network, with the transfer to the National Treasury the result of these assets and obligations. ” Source: BRASIL (MINISTRY OF INFRASTRUCTURE), 2020.